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May 15, 2023

Episode 53: The Murder of Jonelle Melton

Episode 53: The Murder of Jonelle Melton
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When a woman is discovered brutally murdered in her home, the police immediately focus on her estranged husband. The community turns on the man, and the case goes cold. But years later, detectives get the break they've been waiting for. Join Olivia Cornu and John Conner as they dive deep into the dark to discuss the murder of Jonelle Melton. Will this case be enough to make you check the locks?

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3rd killer of teacher slain in botched burglary also gets life in prison - nj.com

'Operation Dead End' nets 28 arrests, including gang members and police officer - nj.com

3 stand trial in cold-blooded murder of Red Bank social studies teacher, 10 years after her death - nj.com

3 men convicted of killing N.J. teacher after they broke into wrong apartment

Youth Basketball Leader Mike Melton Finds Healing in Helping Others After Being Falsely Accused of Murder in 2009

Red Bank Teacher Murder Trial: Potential Motives Described - Two River Times

Three James Fair, 27, Ebenezer Byrd, 35, and Gregory Jean-Baptiste, 26,charged in 2009 murder of NJ school teacher Jonelle Melton, 33 - CBS News

Cold case files “A Lesson in Homicide” S2E11

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