A New True Crime Podcast


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New fave

I've enjoyed listening to this new podcast! It is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for a true crime anything and this podcast has reeled me in! Will definitely continue listening.

This is awesome!

Hey John! Don’t know if you remember me but we went to high school together. My fiancé and I absolutely love the podcast. Keep it going! Jay Tomlinson

Got me checking the locks!

I'm the first 3 episodes in and can't wait for the next one! I'm a long drive podcaster and was looking for a new one. Having been blessed to work with Olivia in Iowa, it's so great to hear your voice again.


I have listened to all three. They are so good. If you like true crime and obsessed like me. This is the podcast for you. John and Olivia do a great job describing each crime they tell. These are amazing. I may have check my locks and windows a time or too.

I’m hooked!

Absolutely love the podcast!! I’ve listened to all 3 episodes and I love that the cases that have been covered so far aren’t super over done. We’ve all heard the Bundy story told with different voices if you know what I mean. John and Olivia have great chemistry and really do their research! The Michigan episode hit super close to home(I mean not compared to John but….)because I lived in Westland at the time. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait for the next case!

Awesome show!

Finally, just what I needed: a fresh crime podcast. I’ve been loving these episodes. The hosts are awesome. I love the way they tell the stories. It’s very upbeat and interesting. Keep up the good work!

Check The Locks Pod

Listened to all three! Every episode gets better #checkingallmylocks

Anxiously waiting!!!

I have so enjoyed listening to the podcasts and am ready for more!!! I have to say I have checked my locks several times at night and normally don’t do that!!!


These are crazy cases and I love how John and Olivia go through the cases and research in-depth! Can’t wait for next weeks podcast! This is one you DON’T want to miss!


This is my new favorite! Just listened to the Michigan Thrill Kill. I remember when this happened. I live in Westland and my daughter was a Senior in 2007. So to think of her friends at that time made me riveted to the details. Great show! Love you guys . Can’t wait to hear more! 🫶🏼

Great True Crime Podcast!

Great natural conversation about very interesting true crimes. Easy and interesting listen!

Love it!

One of the best true crime podcasts I’ve heard in a while. It was interesting to hear one about my home town. I definitely stayed interested the whole time. I usually get bored when listening to podcasts but this kept my attention. Love it!

I’m hooked!

The hosts did such a great job on the first two episodes. The fact that both killers were committing crimes in my lifetime was extra creepy/interesting.

Great Podcast!

I loved the first 2 episodes! I can’t wait to hear more.


Trailer sounds exciting. As a lover of true crime I will defiantly tune in on May 2nd! May 2, 2022 listen to both pod cast. There is good collaboration between to the two hosts. I found the first episode very interesting as a true crime story lover I had never heard of this case. The second I was very familiar with as it happen in my home state of Louisiana. I remember at the time looking for white pick up trucks acting suspicious. I look forward to seeing where this podcast goes! Best of luck to John Conner and Olivia Cornu.

Love this podcast!

I’m only about halfway through the first episode and I knew I’d be a fan when the words “He super saiyan punched him” were said! I love it. Lol


Trailer sounds exciting. As a lover of true crime I will defiantly tune in on May 2nd!

So excited!!

I can’t wait for the first episode. Bring on the murder!