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Anticipate the new episode weekly!

I found this podcast when they first started as I was looking for another true crime podcast to add to my rotation. Since episode one I was hooked. Their personalities and banter are awesome. They way both of them tell the stories keeps my attention. I also love the deadbolt check at the end. Definitely recommend this to all my other true crime friends. Keep it up guys!

Can’t get enough!

I love this podcast - the episodes are well researched and written but they come off like a normal conversation between the hosts that you’re also invited to join. The stories flow well and don’t get bogged down with a ton of unnecessary chatter (just enough to make you feel like you know John and Olivia) or all of the little details in the case that can get overwhelming and confusing. With a lot of other true crime podcasts, I find myself tuning out about halfway through an episode, but that’s not the case with Check the Locks. Love the Facebook group too! Keep it up y’all, you’ve got a winner here. 🥇

Favorite podcast

I have really enjoyed this podcast. It has quickly grown to the top of my list for true crime. I have not listened to all of the shows yet but I am looking forward to hearing more about the not so common stories. Thank you both for hosting such a great show!!!

One of my faves

This has become one of my favorite podcasts and I get so excited when a new episode drops. I love how the hosts have actual conversations and it doesn’t sound scripted. ❤️❤️ and thank you for adding the short on time episodes! I share this as much as I can. Please keep up the great work!

My favorite True Crime Podcast

I love listening to y’all. I love true crime and I find there are so many I was not aware of.

Great True Crime Podcast

I love this podcast and look forward to listening every Monday.

Love you both!

Hi yall! I'm veeeeery picky about podcasts, but ya'll do such an amazing job at diving straight into details. You give me exactly the information I'm looking for when researching cases myself, and you have such a great flow together it makes it easy to listen. Thank you for giving me something to listen to at work that passes time quickly and makes my day more interesting, I appreciate you guys and cannot wait for the next episode! Ps. Love True Crime for the Short on Time, I usually listen to it when I cook :)

Best part of Monday and Wednesday

I was introduced to this show doing research while my wife was watching MAFS (I look up how it ends every time because I’m gone a lot) and stumbled across this show. I gave it a try because I liked Olivia’s personality on the show and it’s quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. It’s not too in depth to where it’ll take hours on a subject but instead gives you just enough to know what you need to know on every case. The hosts pick cases that are not well known so they are almost always new to me and like everyone says, their chemistry is good and the show feels organic. I look forward to the backlog of episodes I’ll have after this next deployment.

One of my faves

This has become one of my favorite podcasts and I get so excited when a new episode drops. I love how the hosts have actual conversations and it doesn’t sound scripted. ❤️❤️

Endless bone-chilling fun!

Hands down one of the the best new true crime podcasts! Awesome quality, narration and the hosts are even better! Continual goose-bumps in store…

First Time Listener

One of my relatives is a listener and had their comment read on the podcast. Your cool swag bag arrived and your accompanying envelope scared the bejezus out of my unsuspecting family. They didn't know anything about the podcast, so all they knew is an unmarked envelope with their address that said "Check the locks" showed up. It was hilarious. Anyway, now I'm a big fan and I thoroughly enjoy the podcast! Thanks for the entertaining podcast and scaring the crap out of my relatives!

Y'all are just the right combo for a podcast!

I got your podcast from a reference from another one. True crime is my genre. I like an upbeat conversation with proper reverence to the seriousness of murder. Y'all are perfect! Been binge listening! Keep doing what you do!

It’s like True Crime Lite and it’s amazing!

I love the podcast! John’s energy is amazing and keeps bringing me back for more. It’s a great fit to break up the other true crime podcasts I listen to. The episodes are a quick listen without most of the gory details other shows include and with the perfect amount of banter. I love having a true crime podcast that doesn’t leave me wanting to wash out my ears with bleach. 😂

💜 you guys!!!!

I absolutely love this podcast! I am so glad I found you guys. I actually did find y’all as a recommendation from listening to Dateline. You guys are amazing and hilarious and I love how much detail y’all put into your stories. Thank y’all so much and keep it up. I need more episodes to listen to!!!!! Love you both!

The best!

I absolutely love this podcast! It’s very well done and such great cases! I am hooked and binged every episode but two in a weeks time ! This is hands down my favorite and I have listened to a lot of true crime podcasts ! Keep rockin it!!

New fan

I’ve always been a fan of true crime and I enjoy this podcast. I’ve had listened to other pods and they seem to start off good and then it turns into a story and a pitch to sell merch or try this, and to me it just seems they are profiting off these tragic events. I believe true crime is important to bring awareness to the victims and to our surroundings ( as in lock those doors!!!). I really wish the two of you a successful podcast and look forward to more stories.

I look forward to this podcast every week

This show is one of the best parts of my week. I look forward to it all week, and it brings me a lot of relief and joy during a tough time both emotionally and physically. It helps take my mind off it and that, in turn, helps make me remain positive. Also, Miss ya John! Can you believe we are coming up on our 20-year high school reunion!!?? Olivia, you’re so awesome as well, and you guys compliment each other so well. Keep bringing us our true crime fix!

Can’t stop listening!

I have struggled to find a true crime podcast that kept my attention and had great storytelling, and I finally found it! Was even more excited when I found out that Olivia was one of the hosts! (BIG MAFS fan 😄) I started listening last week during my work commute and am already on episode 12!! I almost want to slow down just so I don’t have to wait a week between new episodes! Great job guys!! LOVE IT! 🥳

Like it!

But John seems a lot more researched. I also like how they get right to the point and not a lot of filler at the beginning.

True crime obsessed

I am a lover of all things true crime, I’ve listened to numerous podcast and can at times be critical. This is a great podcasts, the hosts have a great rapport, they get right into the cases, and my favorite thing is there are cases I’ve never heard of before! Keep up the great work. Maybe someday you’ll wanna do two cases a week, I don’t think any of us will complain :) Cassie

Love this podcast!

I have always enjoyed true crime podcasts, but I just love the way this one is done and it’s become one of my favorites! I’m sad I have to wait a week for the next one every weeks. Great job guys!

Thank you for doing these!

I’m hooked, I’m listening to all and can’t wait to listen to more from y’all!

One of my faves!

Love this podcast and have been totally hooked since day 1! I love listening to both hosts (we all know if they don’t have a good voice the podcast isn’t good 😭🤣) but both of them do an awesome job and have the perfect “story telling” voices! This is one thing about Monday I can actually look forward to!

Like it!

But John seems a lot more researched.

Awesome podcast

Love this podcast. It’s easy to listen to and Olivia and John work well together and sound like they’ve known each other forever. Love it! Keep checking the locks! 😀

Better than the rest!

I like to think of myself as sort of a true crime podcast junkie because I’ve got a rotation of about 5 that I work through on a regular basis. I have to say, after recently discovering Check the Locks, it has quickly become my new favorite and most anticipated weekly listen! Olivia and John aren’t trying to be comedians, getting giddy about murder, or doing heavy self-promotion like some others I’ve listened to—and they’re also not covering the same cases that everyone else is. These two glorious humans get straight to the facts and cover cases I’ve never heard of, while lacing in their personal anecdotes or connections to cases, and even include stories and call-ins from their listeners. Their research is thorough and they always keep it interesting. I like that at the end of every episode they do a deadbolt test to see where the crime ranks on their scary meter. This podcast offers a fresh take on true crime—and one that we can all feel connected to on a human level. Thanks, Olivia and John. Please keep up the good work!

New fav podcast!

I found this after watching Olivia on mafs. She was one of my favorites on the show. I currently study criminology, and I’ve listened to a few other podcasts. On these podcasts I often hear repeat cases. That hasn’t happened yet for me with check the locks. Great job!

Keeps you listening

I found this podcast by accident and so glad I did! Which has more than more to offer ! You all just do read the story! I am off to check out the Facebook group ! I will just have to sit in suspense for next weeks episode!

Five Stars!

SO glad I stumbled across this new true crime podcast! I’ve listened to every episode since I found y’all last week and I can’t wait for more! I love the dynamic, the stories, everything. One of the best up and coming true crime podcasts!

Love This Podcast!

I was introduced to Olivia by MAFS. I really enjoyed watching her on the show and felt she got robbed 😬 Because I liked watching her on the show, I started following her on Instagram. When I saw that she was starting a true crime podcast, I liked her even more. True crime is the only genre of podcast I listen to. The dynamic between Olivia and John is great to listen to. My only complaint is that I have to wait a week for the new show. Great job Olivia and John!