A New True Crime Podcast
April 6, 2022

Introducing Check The Locks: A True Crime Podcast!

Introducing Check The Locks: A True Crime Podcast!

From the creator of The Johnversations Podcast and the star of Married at First Sight: New Orleans comes a killer new podcast with cases so shocking they’ll send a chill down the spines of even the most avid of true crime obsessors.

Fascinated by the depravity of the Choke & Stroke Killer? Wondering what makes someone go on a fast food killing spree? John Conner & Olivia Cornu are exploring some of the craziest true crime cases of all time in a brand new, weekly, interactive podcast, where the listeners get a say in just how scary each true crime case really is. If you find yourself falling asleep to serial killer documentaries, researching true crime cases, and spending your free time thinking about what makes a murderer snap, then Check the Locks needs your killer instincts to decide - which cases are evil enough to make you check your locks?

Coming May, 2022!

www.checkthelockspod.com for more information!

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