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May 8, 2023

Episode 52: Boarding House of Horror

Episode 52: Boarding House of Horror
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Tenants begin to go missing from a Sacramento boarding house. At first, the police ignore reports. But as the number of disappearances skyrockets, authorities finally take action. And as bodies appear, their main suspect disappears into the wind. Join Olivia Cornu and John Conner as they dive deep into the dark to discuss the "Death House Landlady," Dorthea Puente. Will this case be enough to make you check the locks?

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Dorothea Puente | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Dorothea Puente: How California Serial Killer Was Caught | Murders At The Boarding House

She seemed like an elderly Sacramento landlady. Dorothea Puente was actually a serial killer.

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