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Oct. 31, 2022

Episode 25: Prey for the Pastor

Episode 25: Prey for the Pastor

When 24-year-old Rebekah Gay suddenly disappeared on Halloween, 2012, her family immediately knew something was wrong. Meanwhile, a local pastor asked his congregation to pray for Rebekah’s safe return. But is the pastor who he presents himself as? And could his depraved lusts have played a part in Rebekah’s disappearance? Join Olivia Corn and John Conner as they dive deep into the dark to discuss the predatory pastor, John D. White. Will this story be enough to make you...check the locks?

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Post-production editing courtesy of Mat Halliday of Mat Halliday Audio Production

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Police looking for missing 24-year-old woman near Mount Pleasant - mlive.com
Rebekah Gay Homicide - mlive.com
UPDATE: John White Murder Trial
Michigan pastor accused of killing future stepdaughter to fulfill necrophilia fantasy
John Douglas White : Pastor Who Killed His Neighbor on Halloween Commits Suicide in Prison
Minister Murdered Single Mom On Halloween To Live Out His Necrophiliac Fantasy

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